Monday, December 28, 2009

Spaceland Thursday, January 7th


I'll be opening the show at 9 sharpie! Joining me will be Crooked Cowboy & friends.

Thursday, January 7th
@ Spaceland
8:30 p.m. - 21+ - $5

Saturday, December 19, 2009

interpretive dance

hit sweet vibe studio today, where talented, visionary folks crooked cowboy and dan allaire added their magic to a couple of tunes i'd recorded to my ol' four-track. dan does time with brian jonestown massacre, and has been playing with the amazin' darker my love as of late. crooked cowboy is a brilliant artist and mentor. marvelous musicians and people, putting in their own special spin.

seahorse sound studios & samur

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just brewed a crisp cup of coffee, dark roast. I've been meaning to write, but I've been a busy, bzzzing bee... Also, writing in a blog is a tad weird and frightening to me. I am a private person, and there is a certain element of privacy you throw out the door as you dive into the abysmal internet land. With that said, here is my life story....

just kidding.

I am actually penning the story of my crazy life to paper. Am I possibly a mutant that spent a few of my younger years going to school, playing and living on a toxic waste site in Texas? Check. Did I once live like a darkened Laura Ingalls Wilder novel, on a 25-acre farm, where I would wear mud boots and use buckets to bring water to the house? Yep. Did my mother marry a handsome fighter pilot, who turned out to be an abusive, alcoholic nightmare? Sure did. There are so many stories. And I'm not going to delve into the interesting, exciting, and insane relationships and companionships with some of the brilliant, talented musicians and muses I have walked a bit of the road of life with, on a blog... but some of that just might be there too.

Anyway, I have been working on that. I also need to edit a collection of poetry. I've been working on children's books as well, under a nom de plume.

I have also been working on life. Constantly growing, shedding, changing. Experiencing several lives in one lifetime. Enjoying adding years to my life, as what comes with that is wisdom, appreciation, genuine happiness, and a multitude of other splendid things that sometimes take a while to learn when you've been dealt a rough hand of cards. Which has slowly developed into a strong hand.

And then I've been overwhelmingly and beautifully busy with five classes, four amazing kids (two families), and three bands.

Finals this week, and then this weekend I will be in the studio recording some Balloon tunes, with another private (and insanely talented) individual, Crooked Cowboy.

Who cares what I'm doing anyway? Who am I talking to? Myself? Once again, blogs are weird.

Which reminds me... one of these days, when I get around to it... I would like to write about the media and how it is affecting the kids. I may also write about the developing change in society, as well as the change in parenting and the breed of kids that stems from that. While there are many beautiful gardens, there are some rampant weeds and critters that are spreading throughout the fields. Quickly. These things should hope-fully matter to people, because kids are indeed the future.

Oh yes, and I finally got around to watching Inglourious Basterds! Quentin Tarantino, shall we ever cross paths, I will surely remove my shoes and socks, display my bare feet, and tiptoe, dance, prance, and romance you with my red toes. I am grateful for your existence.

gift ideas

last night I made chocolate peanut butter cups and white chocolate lollipops. since I barely have any time right now to concoct my own chocolate, I used Ghirardelli and doubled boiled it. I added other elements to mix up the flavors. twas a bit messy and I recommend putting the chocolate in a tube, and then tubing it into the cups for cleaner presentation. i kind of like the organic, love-filled, i-did-it-myself look. either way, it's delicious. I also put some in a jar and wrapped it with a big, blue ribbon for those celebrating the holidays this week.

I apologize for the formatting of this blog. The standard html I know does not work 'round these parts! So things might be situated in weird places. Perhaps I learn in time.

From Craftzine:

Pressed Sugar Shrooms

Cinnamon Maple Pecans

Stovetop Potpurri

Green, Lovin' Giftwrapping

Gnome Ornaments!

from freepeople:

Terrarium Ornaments

I forgot where I found this cinnamon candle idea, but I love it:

Monday, December 7, 2009

vivi la vita

Nora Orlandi & Allesandro Allessandroni

Bruno Nicolai

Gianfranco Reverberi

Adriano Celentano

Thursday, December 3, 2009