Thursday, December 17, 2009

gift ideas

last night I made chocolate peanut butter cups and white chocolate lollipops. since I barely have any time right now to concoct my own chocolate, I used Ghirardelli and doubled boiled it. I added other elements to mix up the flavors. twas a bit messy and I recommend putting the chocolate in a tube, and then tubing it into the cups for cleaner presentation. i kind of like the organic, love-filled, i-did-it-myself look. either way, it's delicious. I also put some in a jar and wrapped it with a big, blue ribbon for those celebrating the holidays this week.

I apologize for the formatting of this blog. The standard html I know does not work 'round these parts! So things might be situated in weird places. Perhaps I learn in time.

From Craftzine:

Pressed Sugar Shrooms

Cinnamon Maple Pecans

Stovetop Potpurri

Green, Lovin' Giftwrapping

Gnome Ornaments!

from freepeople:

Terrarium Ornaments

I forgot where I found this cinnamon candle idea, but I love it:

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