Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a maven and a raven

Hello friends... I just wanted to share what's been going on in the musical, magical land of Balloon....

Once upon a time, I recorded a handful of songs on my marvelous four-track, using an old acoustic guitar, harmonica, a tom drum, and my voice. My good friend, Crooked Cowboy, got a whiff of a couple of tracks, and decided to dip his hands in them and smear the painting of sounds all around, and upside down. He danced his groovy dance all over the songs with his Hagstrom bass, Moog, and MPC. Dan Allaire jumped into the dance, and hit his wicked, booming drums. Then I sent Mr. Crooked Cowboy some other tunes I'd written, which we rerecorded at Seahorse Sound Studios, with Samur Khouja behind the board and monitors. Allaire dove in again and added his potion on the skins. I wrote another song on my ol' organ, which CC diced and sliced on Samur's spectral Optigan. The lovely Amanda Francis Movlai came out for a day and played her haunting harmonium, and the notable Neil Schuh played harpsichord on golden gem, "Last Song", which I wrote on autoharp in a large, empty house. We are currently mixing the tracks out in the San Bernadino Mountains. Another track on the album will be one I recorded whilst sitting on a cold floor in Queens, New York, using Henry Hynes's '60s Magnus Chord 300 organ.... and then another will be a song I wrote and then recorded with Michael Harris at Shabbey Road Studios, on an old, warm, reverberating organ, within the walls of a dark, starry night. Seven tracks total... more information forthcoming my lil' poppy flowers.

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