Friday, June 18, 2010

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well. In reading about the possible consequences of the oil spill disaster, and its potential for arousing an extinction level event, all I can say is live day by day, and enjoy life to the fullest. The horror that is happening underneath the ocean is causing the sea floor to collapse, and who knows what else.... which will cause the earth to rumb~b~l~l~le. I don't blame it. I am interested in reviewing the scientific reports on quantities of methane gases released, whenever those may come. One may speculate on the parallels with this fiasco and the extinction of the dinosaurs. I keep in mind that it is essential to observe science, rather than speculation, and of course, the media. Meanwhile, BP continues to dump more toxins into the ocean. The whole situation is disgusting and deplorable.

"This well did not want to be drilled. It just seemed like we were messing with Mother Nature." -Daniel Barron, a worker on Deepwater Horizon

some of my photographs of Santa Monica, California:

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