Friday, October 1, 2010

Live and let Live - Love and let Love

There have been too many tragic teen suicides within the past few weeks. A 13-year-old hanged himself because he was being bullied for being openly gay. There have been several other related deaths. This heartbreaking issue needs to be addressed. It is appalling and devastating that these young souls did not receive the love and support they desperately needed.

To my younger friends: Bullying, in any shape or form, is not okay. It is not funny, and if you see someone being bullied, stick up for them. If you need to grow some balls to do so, do it. Support one another. Don't be afraid. If someone messes with you for it, tell someone you trust. If you witness it, tell an adult. If you are scared, please tell someone. If your parents suck, tell an adult you trust. If you happen to be doing the bullying, STOP NOW. It is completely unacceptable. If you are being bullied or picked on, please talk to someone. You are not alone. If you don't feel that you have anyone to talk to, please send me a message.

Tolerance must be practiced, not only for the gay community, but simply for peer groups, and people. If someone is telling you otherwise, they are uneducated, ignorant, and a miserable waste of space. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia should not exist or ever be condoned.

Also, kudos to the brave and bold youth out there. Those that are tolerant, supportive, open, openly gay, openly trans, and/or those that value standing up for their friends. Life isn't an easy road, but you girls and guys are on your way to profound things.

You are amazing.

Send me a message if you need to.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

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